OCB Pharmaceutical

OCB Pharmaceutical, formerly known as Omicron Quimica S.L., is a firm active in Bismuth Chemical production since 1982. We are a pure bismuth compound manufacturer based in Barcelona (Spain), focusing on pharmaceutical and high-performance specialty products.

Since March 2019 OCB Pharmaceutical is supported by the Global Leader of Minors Metals, Rare Metals and Advanced Materials, which has enjoyed more than 15 years of successful growth with several products including high purity Bismuth Metal.

Our Factory is located in Canovelles 30 km North of Barcelona (Spain) very close to Barcelona Commercial Port and Airport and just 5 km to the main Highway which connect with north of Europe.The site is leader in fine Bismuth organic and inorganic production (precipitating, drying, grinding, etc.) following the Highest Quality Standard (GMP-ISO)

  1. Ocb Pharmaceutical

    Business start as Omicron Quimica, SA

    Main focus: Bismuth Oxychloride. Cosmetics / Spain Market

  2. Bismuth subnitrate

    Starting Pharmaceutical Market

  3. First GMP certificate

    Bismuth Subsalicylate / Bismuth Tribromophenate and first GMP certificate

  4. Bismuth Oxide

    Industrial market and Investment for Specialities Market

  5. Orrion Chemicals

    Orrion Chemicals aquire Omicron Quimica, SA

  6. Good Manufacturing Practice

    Upgrade for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

  7. New Plant Extension

    New Plant Extension – Updated GMP

  8. Vital Group

    OCB pharmaceutical established strategic Partnership with Vital Group

  9. Pharmaceutical Capacity Extension

    Pharmaceutical Capacity Estension, ISO, Specialties Capacity Extension

What we do

From Earth to Chemical manufacturing we are Vertically integrated in the process of develop the highest Quality Bismuth Derivatives.

We produce a wide range of Bismuth Derivatives which allow us to cover the main known application in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and in some Specialties Market.

Our commitment is thoroughly understand our customers needs, and to meet their expectations on a long-term basis.


Regulatory & Quality

We supply per the main current pharmacopeias and are enough flexible to tailor products to our customers’specifications. OCB Pharmaceutical is GMP compliant (last inspection April 2021) with DMF and ASMF available for all manufactured products.